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About WIMS


Women in Medical Sciences at UVA is a group of graduate students and postdocs focused on promoting the professional and personal goals of women scientists, specifically those interested in medical research, on the UVA campus. While we are primarily composed of graduate students, we would love to extend our events, meetings, and services to the postdoc community here at UVA.


WIMS tries to foster these relationships through different events. These can range from socializing to fundraising to volunteering in the community. We try to plan one event a month, so if you miss out on one, don't worry! There will be another event again soon. We try our best to keep the events page up to date, but if you have any questions, feel free to contact us at wimsuva@gmail.com.




One of our main goals is to facilitate mentoring between the faculty, post-doctoral fellows, and graduate students within all science departments. Many graduate students have a hard time meeting people outside of their individual fields, so we hope to foster relationships that build bridges between these disciplines and beyond. We also reach out to the greater Charlottesville community by providing educational opportunities for future female scientists.

In general, we strive to create an environment in which women are empowered to succeed in their chosen fields. As such, all supporters of women in science are encouraged to attend meetings and events. Our group is not exclusive to women, and all genders are more than welcome to join! 





WIMS is dedicated to serving our community through outreach, such as school visits and Habitat for Humanity. For the upcoming year, we plan to continue traditional outreach events, such as our partnership with Red Hill Elementary, and we hope to create new opportunities with other schools & age groups in the Charlottesville area. If you would like to contact WIMS about outreach events, please email us at wimsuva@gmail.com. New ideas & suggestions are always welcome!

Affiliated Groups
We collaborate with a variety of groups across UVA to promote women and minority groups in science. If you'd like to learn more or set up an event with WIMS, email us at wimsuva@gmail.com. Such groups include:
Promoting Women in Science
WIMS exists to serve our community as well as to support women in medical science. In order to achieve this goal, we host at least two "Women in Science Stories" per semester. These are round-table discussions in which we invite women faculty to talk about topics such as work-life balance, interviewing tactics, career advancement roadblocks, as well as their personal experiences. The goal of these sessions is to support professional women at UVA while simultaneously providing invaluable advice, support, and insight to current graduate students & postdocs. Please reach out to us with any suggestions about women to contact or new ideas to best support this effort.
WIMS Leadership
  • Co-Presidents: Cassie Robertson & Claire Ruddiman

  • Academic Chair: Shirin Pourafshar

  • Outreach Coordinators: Katie Moosic & Heather Ramier

  • Social Chair: Lacie Werner

  • Treasurer & Media Manager: Juliana Piacentini

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